Monday, June 3, 2013

Salad of radish, spring onion, and asparagus with a garlic vinaigrette ラディッシュ、春タマネギ、アスパラガスのサラダ、ニンニク風味のヴィネグレット

Salad of radish, spring onion, and asparagus with a garlic vinaigrette by naotakem

Made this salad - a departure from the usual leafy vegetable based salads - using seasonal vegetable from the usual SF Civic Center farmer's market.


Started by immersing a finely chopped clove of garlic in white wine vinegar for about 15 minutes to make a base for the dressing. Then came the vegetables. The radish was sliced thinly, salted, and rested in a bowl for a few minutes - after discarding the water that accumulates, squeezed the radish to get rid of even more excess water. The asparagus was quickly blanched in salted boiling water, then cut into bite-size pieces. Spring onions were sliced thin, bathed in cold water to take the edge off the flavor, then drained well. The vegetables were then placed in a large bowl and tossed to mix.


Once the vegetables were prepped, the dressing was mixed - added a nice measure of good (and I say really good) extra virgin olive oil to the garlic-infused vinegar with a tiny dab of Dijon mustard and a dash of black pepper, mixed well to bond, then tossed gently yet thoroughly with the vegetables in the bowl to finish. A great combination of different textures and flavors, with the sting from the radish and onions kept under control.

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