Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chicken & Egg "Mother and Child" Domburi with Broccoli in Sesame Sauce 親子丼とブロッコリの胡麻和え


Made Japanese seaweed and bonito flake broth ("dashi") and flavored it with soy sauce, mirin, sake, and sugar to make a slightly sweet sauce, similar to a soba dipping sauce. Stewed some thinly sliced onions and chicken thigh meat in the sauce, then mixed in some lightly beaten eggs, then poured the mixture over rice while the egg is slightly creamy and sprinkled some peas on top to make what's called a "Oyako (Mother and Child) Domburi (rice bowl)". Usually one does not make the sauce from scratch, but worth the extra trouble. Served a higher ratio of the chicken-egg-onion mix to rice than usual,


Had some veggies in the form of broccoli in a sesame sauce. Mixed some ground white sesame with a bit of soy sauce, sugar, sake, and mirin, then tossed with blanched broccoli. An American variation of a traditional Japanese vegetable side dish.

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