Thursday, January 2, 2014

Stamina Domburi ("Sutadon") すた丼

すた丼 Stamina Domburi - pork belly and onions in garlic-ginger sauce with an egg over rice by naotakem
A domburi (a dish that serves cooked meat, fish, and/or vegetables over rice in a bowl) that originated at a college town in Western Tokyo to match the appetite of hungry students. Called 'stamina domburi' due to its liberal use of meat (pork belly) and garlic and flavored primarily by soy sauce - a tasty, albeit calorie rich dish. It has since become more mainstream and could be found at Japanese style fast food outlets around Tokyo.


The original recipe has never been published, but many people (especially former students) have reverse-engineered the dish; the following a combination of a few of them.
  • Cut thin-sliced pork belly strips into easy-to-eat lengths (3 inches would do - if not available, slice a block of pork belly yourself)
  • Slice onion into thin wedges
  • Prep the sauce by mixing soy sauce, a lot of finely minced/grated garlic, grated ginger (just a small amount - garlic is the main flavor here), sake, mirin (Japanese sweet rice cooking wine), Chinese chicken broth (I used the powdered type dissolved in hot water), sugar (a pinch for me, but if you want sweet you can add more), and black pepper in a small bowl; aside from the soy sauce, the liquids should be used sparingly
  • Boil water in a pan and cook the pork belly until it turns white, drain and set aside; this allegedly reduces the fat content somewhat and avoids overcooking after the sauce is added
  • Heat sesame oil in a frying pan, sauté the onions until slightly soft and fragrant, add the pork and the sauce, mix well and heat through
  • Serve over a bowl of rice with a boiled egg (probably my largest deviation from the Japanese recipes that call for a raw egg, but I live in the States)
  • Eat with abandon
  • 豚バラ肉の薄切りを食べやすい長さ(7-8センチぐらい?)に切る(薄切りが入手できない場合はブロックを自分で適宜切りましょう)
  • タマネギを薄めのくし形に切る
  • 醤油、たっぷりの刻んだ、または下ろしたニンニク、下ろし生姜(ニンニクが主役なので控えめに)、日本酒、みりん、中華鶏ガラスープ(今回は顆粒を溶かしたものを使いました)、砂糖(好みで加減)、黒コショウをボウルに混ぜ、タレを作る(醤油以外の液体調味料は少量づつ)
  • 鍋に湯を沸かし、豚肉をさっと茹で上げて脂を少し抜いたら湯から上げる(タレを加えてからの炒め時間を短縮して具材が硬くなるのを防ぐ、とのこと)
  • フライパンにごま油を熱し、タマネギをさっと香りが立つまで炒めたら茹でた豚肉とタレを加え、よく混ぜ、全体に火を軽く通す
  • 丼にご飯を盛ったところに載せ、ゆで卵を添える(日本発のレシピでは生卵、となってますがいかんせんここはアメリカなもので…)
  • ためらいなくかき込むように食す

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  1. Tried this in Tokyo and couldn't get my mind off it. Will try cooking this over the weekend, I hope I get the taste right. Thanks for sharing!!