Thursday, January 2, 2014

Chicago Style Hot Dog at Home 家で作るシカゴ式ホットドッグ

Chicago style hot dog at home! 家で作るシカゴ式ホットドッグ by naotakem
Visited Chicago for the first time in August - was awed by the architecture (including those by the great Frank Lloyd Wright) but really came home with a taste for good hot dogs.


Here's my attempt at replicating it - albeit with a pretzel roll which is non-traditional yet provides a good foundation for the sausage and abundance of condiments in my opinion (one of the places we ate in the Windy City served their dog on a pretzel roll to great effect).


Materials: boiled beef frankfurter, sliced tomatoes, sweet relish, chopped white onions (not visible in the photo but present), sliced pickle spears, yellow mustard, and warmed pretzel rolls (deliberate omission: pickled hot peppers)Put a slice into the roll, assemble the 'dog,' squirt some mustard, and enjoy. 


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