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Stir-Fried Beef, Onion, and String Beans 牛肉、タマネギ、インゲンの炒め物

Stir fried beef, onion, and string beans 牛肉、タマネギ、インゲンの炒め物 by naotakem
Part of a series of attempts to replicate typical Chinese restaurant fare without using any mass produced pre-mixed sauces. Those sauces do make cooking easy and I'm not too squeamish about using them, but I just wanted to see if I could do without them.


It goes without saying that stir-fry dishes like these are all about prep - the ingredients should be flavored and cooked separately and assembled for a quick mix and heat-through with the finishing flavors and oil in a well-heated wok (which I didn't have so I used a large frying pan). This ensures that the vegetables are crisp, not oily and soggy, and the protein is flavored and cooked thoroughly, not bland and raw.



  • Beef - slice into strips, place into bowl and add small amounts of soy sauce, sake, garlic and ginger (both grated), sugar, salt, black pepper, and a bit of potato or corn starch, massage thoroughly, let marinate for 10-15 minutes
  • String beans - remove inedible parts, blanch in boiling water with a pinch of salt for 2-3 minutes (adjust according to thickness of beans), drain, cool with cold water, drain well - watch out for overcooking, you want some crispness in the beans after cooling
  • Onions - slice into thin wedges
  • Sauce - mix Chinese oyster sauce, Chinese hot chili paste, chicken broth (again, used a powder dissolved in water), rice wine (ideally Chinese, but sake will do), salt, and black pepper to taste
  • Dissolve a small amount of cornstarch or potato starch in cold water - this is added at the end to give the dish a nice, thick consistency
  • 牛肉は細切りにし、ボウルに入れて醤油、日本酒、下しニンニクとショウガ、砂糖、塩、黒コショウ、そしてコーンスターチか片栗粉をそれぞれ少量加え、良く揉み込んで10分から15分寝かせておく
  • インゲンはへたや筋を取り、軽く塩を効かせた沸騰するお湯で2〜3分(インゲンの太さ次第で加減)茹で、ざるに空けたら冷水で冷ます(しゃきっとした感触を残したいので茹で過ぎに注意)
  • タマネギは細めのくし形に切っておく
  • オイスターソース、豆板醤、中華鶏ガラスープ(「素」を溶かしたもので十分)、酒(紹興酒があれば良し、無ければ日本酒)、塩コショウを好みの量混ぜて合わせ調味料は作る
  • 「とろみ付け」用にコーンスターチ、あるいは片栗粉を少量水で溶いておく
  • In a large wok or frying pan heat a good amount of of sesame oil (enough to coat the entire inside of the pan) until smoking, add the marinated beef and cook until browned, remove and set aside
  • Add some more oil into the pan, heat well, add a whole dried red chili pepper if you want extra heat, add the onions, cook briefly (this should get rid of any brown bits at the bottom of the pan) until slightly soft
  • Add the cooked beef, string beans, and sauce, toss well and heat through; be careful not to put in too much sauce - you don't want the beef and vegetables swimming in a watery mess
  • Add the starch water in small amounts and continue to toss until you see some overall thickness in the sauce glazing the meat and vegetables
  • Transfer to serving platter
  • 中華鍋か大きなフライパンを熱し、ごま油を鍋全体に行き渡らせ、十分熱くなったら下味をつけた牛肉を投入してしっかりと炒め、別の器に移しておく
  • 同じ鍋に油を足し、再度加熱したら(辛味を増したい場合はここで赤唐辛子を丸ごと一本加える)タマネギを入れてさっと炒める(この過程で鍋底の残滓が取れるはず)
  • 牛肉とインゲン、合わせ調味料を入れ(入れ過ぎてびたびたにならぬよう注意)、加熱しながら良く馴染ませる
  • 水溶きコーンスターチ(片栗粉)を少量ずつ加えながら肉と野菜の表面にとろみが付くまで炒める
  • 盛り皿に移す
When executed successfully, you'll have something that's pretty close to what your local Chinese restaurant or takeout joint serves - don't expect perfect replication, though.


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