Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fried Udon Noodles with Kale, String Beans, Scallions, Eggs and Pork with Bonito Flakes and Sesame Seeds ケール、インゲン、青ネギ、玉子と豚肉入り焼きうどん、鰹節と白ごまのトッピング

Fried udon noodles with kale, string beans, scallions, eggs and pork with a garnish of bonito flakes and sesame seeds ケール、インゲン、青ネギ、玉子と豚肉入り焼きうどん、鰹節と白ごまのトッピング by naotakem
Made this as a way to use up leftover pork, eggs, and vegetables in the refrigerator, and a pack of frozen udon noodles from the freezer. Turned out much better than I intended or expected so thought it merits a post on this blog.


To prep:

  • Slice the pork into thin strips
  • Chop the kale, string beans, and scallions into bite size pieces
  • Lightly beat a whole egg in a small bowl
  • Microwave the frozen udon until soft and separated (don't have to be fully cooked as it will be stir fried)
  • 豚肉は細切りにする
  • ケール、インゲン、青ネギは一口サイズに刻む
  • 容器に卵を一個軽く溶いておく
  • 冷凍うどんを電子レンジでほぐれて柔らかくなるまで加熱する
To cook:
  • Heat sesame oil in a frying pan or skillet (with some depth)
  • Cook the pork, seasoning with salt, black pepper, and red pepper flakes as you go
  • Add the chopped vegetables and continue to cook until tender
  • Add the udon and toss well with the pork and vegetables
  • Add a mix of soy sauce, sake, and a dash of water, continue to toss
  • Add the egg, mix well and cook until the egg and udon is fully cooked
  • Transfer to platter, sprinkle dried bonito flakes (katsuobushi) and sesame seeds on top to serve
  • 深さのあるフライパンにごま油を熱する
  • 豚肉を炒め、塩、黒コショウ、粉赤唐辛子で味付けする
  • 野菜を加え、柔らかくなるまでさらに炒める
  • うどんを加え、肉・野菜と良く混ぜ合わせる
  • 醤油、日本酒、少量の水を加えてさらに混ぜる
  • 溶き卵を入れ、卵とうどんに火が通るまで良く混ぜながら炒める
  • 皿に盛り、かつお節と白ゴマを振って食べる

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