Saturday, December 15, 2012

Miso Broth Ramen Loaded with Vegetables 野菜たっぷり味噌ラーメン



Not sure this qualifies as "cooking" due to its simplicity and use of packaged fresh ramen noodles and miso flavored soup base (not instant ramen), but an easy (lazy) and tasty way to eat vegetables. I've been making something like this since my early teens - my mother would not allow me to eat ramen at home without adding some vegetables in the name of "nutritional balance", and that habit has stuck with me ever since.

Stir-fried thin slices of the most inexpensive cut of pork you can find with chopped cabbage and yellow onions in sesame oil with garlic, then add bean sprouts and cook slightly. Pour the stir-fry mix onto a bowl of freshly cooked ramen (timing is crucial here - parallel processing is required), sprinkle some cooked corn kernels, sliced green onions, and white sesame seeds, then serve. Had this with cucumbers marinated in a mixture of salt and fermentation starter (shio-kouji).

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