Sunday, March 31, 2013

Shimeji mushrooms and komatsuna greens cooked in a konnyku-bonito dashibroth シメジと小松菜の出汁煮


This is a slight variation from a side dish that I previously made with greens as a side dish to go with salted and grilled hamachi (yellowtail). Stir fried washed and chopped komatsuna leaves and shimeji mushrooms briefly with canola oil, then added a bonito-and-kombu dashi flavored with a bit of soy soy sauce, sake, and sugar (the sake and sugar mix was a substitute for mirin, which I've run out of) and stewed for a few minutes. The intent for stir-frying was to enhance the flavors of the komatsuna and shimeji, which could be a bit bland if merely cooked in dashi.


The complete meal - the difference from the previously featured one being the miso soup, this time made with tofu and sliced scallions (instead of seaweed and onions).

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