Saturday, July 6, 2013

Grilled shrimp with citrus pesto

Made these for a 4th of July potluck party at a friend's place. Since I learned there was going to be several meat dishes I wanted to do something different but was lacking in ideas - then my professionally trained friend posted this tasty-looking shrimp recipe on her blog so I borrowed it  - with only a few modifications that my mother may call "unsolicited tweaking".


* 青梅弁で「頼まれもしない変更」

The recipe is very simple - peeled and deveined shrimp marinated in basil pesto, skewered, and grilled.


The original pesto recipe called for a full cup of basil leaves for 1 1/2 pounds of shrimp, but even after stripping my home basil plant of all the edible leaves I didn't have enough (that's growing herbs in the city) so I made up that gap with extra garlic, a few springs of parsley, and a clove of shallot. As if that deviation wasn't enough, I also added zest and juice from half a lemon for tanginess with a pinch of red pepper for a touch of heat.


Fortunately, the resulting dish was pretty well received by the group (and it was a pretty discerning group of foodies). I guess this "grilling with pesto" can also work well with scallops, lobster, and even fish with firm white flesh. Perhaps another occasion.


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