Monday, May 20, 2013

Hakata style pork broth ramen with stir fried garlic chives and groundpork, scallions, and red pickled ginger ニラとネギの炒め物を載せた博多ラーメン




A Bay Area friend originally from Fukuoka, Japan gave us a box of Hakata style (Nagahama) ramen (known for the use of strong pork broth and thin, yet very firm noodles) containing semi-raw noodles and soup packs a while back. Instead of simply cooking it following the instructions on the box with the usual ramen toppings, we decided to have it with some seasonal vegetables.

In order to finish both the ramen and the vegetables at the same time, got a pot of tap water (for the noodles) and a kettle of filtered water (for the soup) boiling first. Once we had that going, sautéed some chopped ginger and ground pork until cooked, seasoned with salt and pepper, added chopped garlic chives (from the farmer's market), tossed with the pork briefly, then added some chopped scallions (also from the market) and sesame seeds, tossed again briefly, and removed from the heat. Idea was to avoid overcooking the vegetables so we could enjoy its full texture and flavor.

Once the stir-fry was done, we cooked the ramen noodles - only for a minute to achieve the state of doneness that people from Fukuoka refer to as "bari kata (very firm)" - while dissolving the soup mix with boiling filtered water from the kettle in a warm bowl. Drained the noodles at precisely 1 minute, tossed in a colander to remove any excess cooking water, added to the soup, served with the stir-fry on top with some picked ginger (colored red) for a dash of color. This is something meant to be eaten quickly - which is what we did.

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