Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spaghetti with Spring Garlic, Roasted Fava Beans, Lemon Zest, Parmesan, and Herbs 春ニンニク、そら豆、レモン、パルメザンとハーブのパスタ

Another dish made with fresh spring vegetables from the farmer's market.

Prepped the beans by roasting a pound of fava beans in their shells with some salt, pepper, and olive oil in an oven for 30~40 minutes and shelled them while warm into a bowl (didn't remove the skin from the beans). While the beans were roasting, grated some lemon zest, halved the lemon for easy squeezing, grated some Parmesan, cleaned and chopped the spring garlic (the bulbs and the white/light green part of the leaves), chopped up some flat parsley and basil leaves, and set them aside. Wanted to have all the materials ready because I wanted to cook the spaghetti and sauce simultaneously.

To cook, brought a pot of water to a boil and salted it generously (enough to provide enough saltiness through the spaghetti), then added the spaghetti to cook.  While the spaghetti was cooking, sautéed the garlic in some butter until fragrant, added a dash of white wine, then the beans, mix, then added a ladleful of pasta water along with the lemon zest, and squeezed in the lemon juice. Into this mixture went in the spaghetti - slightly undercooked, a tad short of al dente (timing is critical) - followed by the Parmesan and a dash of olive oil, and tossed well. Served on a warm dish sprinkled with the chopped parsley and basil.

Great meal for a warm spring evening.






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