Monday, August 12, 2013

Roast pork with rice and bok choy 叉焼飯(風)


The initial idea was to buy some roasted pork belly at a Chinese supermarket or a shop in Chinatown and just have it with some rice for an easy dinner - but by the time we got to the stores they were either sold out or closed. So instead, we bought a pound of pork belly and roasted the pork at home on the next day. (We ended up eating some noodles that day)


To prep the pork belly, cut the skin and fat into a cross hatch and inserted thin slivers of garlic into the incisions, then rubbed in plenty of salt and black pepper all over the meat. Placed it into a 250F oven to roast it slowly at low temperatures for about an hour to an hour and a half. The idea is to slowly render the fat on the top out and baste the flesh so if you use a grilling pan there's no need to flip the meat over. For flavor, occasionally basted the meat while cooking with a mix of soy sauce, sake, and honey.  


Once you achieve a nice, glazed color on the outside and an internal temperature of 150F, the pork is done - remove from the oven, wrap it with foil and set aside to rest. Used that time to cook the rice and blanch some bok choy (in lightly salted water). Serve thickly sliced pork with the rice and bok choy like the photo the beginning for a satisfying one-plate dish.

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