Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lomo Saltado ロモ・サルタード

Lomo saltado, essentially a beef and vegetable stir fry served over rice, is a dish that I ate on multiple occasions - for both lunch and dinner - during my travels in Peru and Bolivia some 18 years ago. Traditional recipe calls for French fries on the side but skipped that for both dietary and efficiency reasons.


Slice some lean steak, bell peppers (used green, red, and yellow for color), red onions, and tomatoes into thin strips. Mince some garlic. Heat vegetable oil in a well-heated skillet and brown the steak strips (seasoned with salt and pepper), add the onions and garlic (and a pinch of red pepper flakes), stir-fry until the onions are soft. The bell peppers and tomatoes are added at the end, and cooked until they are soft but retain some crunch. Season with additional salt and pepper, paprika, cumin powder, soy sauce, vinegar, and rice wine.

I guess the key is to flavor it so that it reminds one of Chinese food but doesn't taste like one. Serve over brown rice.


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