Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Boeuf Bourguignon Variant ブッフ・ブルギニョン(のようなもの)



A dish in the manner of a traditional French dish from the Bourgogne region, Boeuf bourguignon (beef stewed in red wine, Bourgogne style). Deviates from the traditional recipe in several ways, the most significant being the use of a whole bottle of California Syrah  (and no other liquids) instead of a Pinot Noir to get a stronger wine flavor. Also did not use any beef stock since I had some beef bones on hand.

Made this dish on several occasions and previously blogged it here (in Japanese), but modified that recipe too, such as using fat rendered from bacon to sauté mushrooms, adding the crisp bacon bits back into the stew at the end, and using sliced onions instead of pearl onions. You may say that I applied some methods used when making coq au vin - or perhaps I got a bit lazy to follow a traditional recipe. Served this with some pappardelle pasta and steamed broccoli, and enjoyed with a California Zinfandel blend wine.

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