Monday, February 11, 2013

Pizza Salmone del Sol 太陽のサーモンピザ



A friend was going through a homemade pizza phase a few years ago - this is a dish from those days. A detailed recipe is provided here (in Japanese). Baked a pizza dough with a sauce made with Dijon mustard, sour creme, chopped dill, and other herbs and spices sprinkled with some sliced red onions and artichokes - once that is cooked through, laid some sliced raw salmon and cooked them through with the residual heat, then served topped with some fresh dill and capers. We decided to call this "Pizza salmone del sol" - "Salmon pizza of the sun". Turned out to be a very delicious pizza - the combination of a crisp crust with rare salmon was exquisite.

We also shot a video, which I embed here at the risk of totally embarrassing myself.

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