Monday, August 25, 2014

From the Farmers' Market to the Table - an eight-course improvised meal ファーマーズマーケット調達食材による即興料理8品

Been a while since I last posted -- here's photos from a "farm(ers' market)-to-table" dinner party we had recently with a few friends. Detailed writeup (in Japanese) on this blog. All vegetables and the pork belly from Oakland's Lake Merritt Farmers' Market. All meals were improvised at the kitchen. First course, steamed okra with sesame oil and soy sauce, and olive oil marinated roast bell peppers.

Second course, kale "chips" - kale tossed with olive oil and baked in the oven.

Third course, roasted Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes). Just olive oil and salt.

Fourth course, vine ripened cherry tomatoes with basil. Seasoned with just salt.


 Fifth course, roasted zucchini and assorted squash. Olive oil and garlic.

 Sixth course, pan roasted broccolini with garlic.

Seventh and "main" course, roasted pork belly seasoned with herbs and spices and pan cooked scallops. Followed by penne alla gorgonzola (no photo).


Thank you Mariko for the photos!

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