Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ishikari Nabe (Ishikari Style Hotpot) with Salmon 石狩鍋



Would've loved to make this nabemono (shared hotpot) using sake (Chum salmon) caught in the Ishikari River of Hokkaido, Japan, after which this nabe is named - but wild King salmon from California is a fine, if not better, substitute. Cooked cut up bone-in salmon, tofu, shimeji mushrooms (other mild-flavored mushrooms like enoki would also work - I'd avoid using shiitake), and cut vegetables (Japanese negi onions, shungiku chrysanthemum, daikon radish, and carrots) in a miso-flavored dashi broth made with dried kombu kelp, then added fresh ikura (salmon roe) right before serving. Important to serve this and ask people to dig in before the ikura hardens. Bonus - adding some cooked ramen noodles into the leftover soup to conclude the communal eating experience.

Note: the Japanese "Ishikari Nabe" article uses a photo I took (not the one above).

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